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Retro ! Phowa Course Retreat Amitabha - H.E Choeje Ayang Rinpoche

From 18th till 27th October 2014

Location : Tung-Lam Linh-Son Mahayana Pure Land Retreat Center

18 Hameau des Bosnages - 87290 Rancon France

♦ Objet

SE Ayang Rinpoche Phowa Amitabha Terre Pure Amitabha Pure Land Linh-Son has had the great joy to welcome, and following our invitation, His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche - Master of Vajrayana - at the Tung Lam Linh-Son Retreat Center.

His Eminence gave over a period of 10 days, an intensive introduction to essential practice, called Phowa Amitabha Buddha, which he is a worldwide master, according to the Nyingma and Drikung Kagyu schools.

This was a great opportunity for all the followers of Dharma, whatever their tradition of origin, no need to abandon their own practice but having Amitabha in heart, to receive valuable lessons to cope with death when the time comes, so as to be serene, get free from samsara by taking rebirth in the Pure Land of Supreme Bliss of Amitabha Buddha.

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“Among the tantric methods, Phowa practice is the most direct, quickest way to achieve to the enlightenment state.  More than this nothing. This Phowa practice is very easy compared to other practices in the Vajrayana Buddhism.  Everybody can do this practice.” “One time [taking the Phowa] course is not enough.  Those who have been in the Phowa course 7 or 8 times, those people still they need more practice.”    

— H.E. Ayang Rinpoche

“It [Phowa] is extremely helpful for the dying person and, like a traveler being put on the right path by a friend, has the power to prevent rebirth in the lower realms.”


 — Words of My Perfect Teacher, Patrul Rinpoche

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♦ After Course

Following this phowa course, it is in our project to organize some retreats to practice according to the teachings received. Only those who attended the full course will be able to register and join our group. Know more here (in french only)…

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